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Our Programs

Basic necesities
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Basic necessities:

This is our foundational program where we take care of the basic needs of orphans, widows and the poor people in the community by fulfilling their basic necessities in the form of food and clothing. This program aims to broaden the life scope and living standards of the targeted groups and individuals.

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Back-to-school supplies:

Under the Back-to-school supplies program, Mercy Rain distributes school supplies to orphans and children in poor communities, who would otherwise not be able to afford the required school supplies.

Back to school supplies
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Vocational training and small business start-up grant:

Under this program, the selected individuals are given scholarships for vocational training in fashion design, event planning, home cleaning, catering, carpentry, and so much more. The program also has another aspect to it under which small start-ups are also provided with a grant for its initial inception.

Vocational training
Health care assistant
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Healthcare assistance:

The Healthcare Assistance program helps in payment for life-saving and necessary surgeries. It also helps pay to medical bills that fall under  pre-decided diseases.

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